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mary@boostyourplate.com boostyourplate.com
AADP Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
do TERRA Essential Oils Consultant
Mary Lusk Health Coach
75 Highland Circle
Etters, Pa 17319 717.515.8491

You want fresh vegetable juice, but you don’t have the time...You want to give your family the best nourishment, but you’re unsure of the initial and continued investment...You are using a juicer at home, but you are not consistent and you are looking for an easier way to “BOOST” your health.


Juicing is a way of life…not just for fasting and detoxing.  It requires Commitment, Dedication and Discipline!


As a Health Coach, my role is to support your bio-individual needs and help you create the top-shelf health that you deserve.



Why Juice?


1. “Fresh Juice is the 15 minute Nutrient Express to Health!”  quote by Jason Vale, author and founder of “Juice Master.”

Fresh pressed juices go directly to our bloodstream and therefore easily nourish our cells, tissues and organs.


2.  Juicing is the perfect way to consume the recommended daily serving of vegetables and fruits. With juicing, we can enjoy a wide

variety of vegetables that we don’t appreciate eating whole.


3.  Fresh juice offers incredible health benefits immediately.  “Boosting our cups” with cold-pressed juice will improve our energy,

clarity and immunity right away.


Boost Your Plate provides fresh cold-pressed vegetable juice weekly for clients to pick up at Om My Yoga, Camp Hill.  The Juicer used to create this top-shelf juice is called The Norwalk.  The Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer removes the pulp from vegetables and fruit as it extracts the juices.  When you drink Norwalk Juice, your cells are fed pure nutrition instantly.


All Juice Shares arrive in 32 ounce glass mason jars and are pressed fresh on each day of delivery.  Your juice share is fresh through 72 hours and can be mixed with a little water to extend the servings; use as a base for fruit smoothies; or just drink small portions throughout your day for pure hydration and energy.


Pick up days through Om My Yoga, Camp Hill are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Evenings 8-8:30 pm; Personal confirmation of your delivery day will be established when ordering.


Special Holiday Pricing $29 “Green Juice”…$25 “Orange Juice” only at Om My Yoga


If you would like to have a free 15 minute phone consultation, this can help us decide which juice would be best for you and your family’s needs.  Personal orders and pick up locations can be discussed for your convenience; prices may vary according to pick up locations.


Call or message to learn more about Juicing Shares and how you can start “boosting your cup” with Norwalk Juice.  mary@boostyourplate.com or complete the contact form on the Connect with Us page.


To learn more about the Norwalk Juicer-Commercial Grade, visit www.norwalkjuicers.com.

Mary Lusk
717.515.8491 mary@boostyourplate.com boostyourplate.com